Since the inception of this web site in early 1995, it has been my goal to introduce the rocking world of MP3 music to the countless number of curious neophytes interested in digital music.

MP3 music has become increasingly popular in recent years due to the introduction of portable MP3 players such as the much-acclaimed Apple iPod, Creative Zen and many others worthy of note. I will discuss the increasing popularity of these players. The MP3 music formatis now quickly becoming a household word due to the many
The MP3 format for digital music has had a very dominant effect on how mp3 music enthusiasts collect, listen to and distribute music. This effect will continue to grow and expand in future years as the greater population becomes increasingly involved in the digital music explosion.

The Internet offers many legal outlets for MP3 music and is available to anyone who is interested in joining the ever- expanding ranks of enthusiasts that enjoy this music. If you are
curious about MP3 music, my tutorial, which continues to be the centerpiece of this web site, will help you understand MP3 music and how to download the files from the Internet if that is to be your source for acquiring digital music.The tutorial will also explain in detail how to convert your CD collection to the MP3 format which is my favorite approach because of the greater control of file size and quality.
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applications the technology now offers to consumers. In addition to the portable hand-held MP3 players, many automobile, cell phone and home electronics now include MP3 players and other MP3 interfaces.

The MP3 craze is one of the most amazing phenomena that the music world has ever experienced. Unlike many other music-related movements, the MP3 digital audio movement did not begin within the music industry itself but with a huge audience of music lovers on the Internet who made it happen and touched off a music revolution.
This site also provides links to some of the best downloadable freeware and shareware on the Internet. I have used most of the freeware and shareware listed on this site and found these programs to be very productive in the home or office environment. However, choose very carefully only those products that will
Recently, I have received several requests from visitors to this website asking for help in downloading digital audio files to their newly-acquired portable
improve your individual computing experience and always ensure your system's compatibility with any software prior to downloading and installing on your computer.
MP3 players. A new section has been added to the 'MP3 Tutorial' page that will address this subject.
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Billy Idol - "Dancing with Myself"
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