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And, we can't forget about the Android and iPhones that also provide equal portibility for your mp3 collection. I will discuss the the overwhelming popularity of these digital players in the 'Tutorial' page.

The Mp3 music format has now become a household word due to the numerous devices that now support it.
In addition to the many portable hand-held devices, many automobile and home-based electronics such as smart TVs, elite game players such as Microsoft's Xbox and the Sony PlayStation and others are mp3 capable.

The digital music craze is one of the most impactful, amazing phenomena that the music world has ever experienced. Unlike many music-related movements, the Mp3 audio movement did not begin within the music industry itself but with music lovers that took to the Internet and started a music revolution.

The Mp3 format has had a very dominant effect on how digital music enthusiasts collect, listen to and distribute music. This effect will continue to expand in future years as the greater population becomes increasingly educated in the technology and its many life-enhancing uses.

The Internet offers many outlets where digital music can be purchased and downloaded to your device/s of choice. If you are interested in Mp3 formatted music, my tutorial will help you understand more how this music can be enjoyed across
many different platforms.
The tutorial will also explain in detail how to convert your music CD collection to the Mp3 format and transfer the digital files to your device/s of choice.

This site also provides links to some of the more utilitarian freeware and shareware that can be acquired via download on the Internet. I have used, at one time or another, most of the software listed on these pages and found them to be productive in the home or office environment.

Choose those products that will improve your individual computing experience and always ensure your operating system's compatibility with any software prior to downloading. And always run security scans for viruses and malware.

Recently, I have added some instruction for beginners who are not yet up-to-speed on how to download music to ther newly-acquired portable devices.

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information relative to MP3 music, players and try-before-you-buy software. Now, a little mp3 history will be useful to those of you
who may not be aware of the roots of this historical music

Mid-90s, Mp3 files began to proliferate on the Internet. The mp3s popularity began to rise rapidly with the introduction of the premier
audio player Winamp, released in 1997. In 1998, the very first
portable solid state digital audio player
MpMan was released
and the Rio PMP300 (my first player) was marketed in 1998,
despite legal efforts by the
RIAA (Recording Industry Association
of America)
to halt sales of these devices.

November 1997, the website was offering thousands
of mp3s created by independent artists for free. The small size
of mp3 files enabled widespread file sharing of music ripped from
CDs, which would have previously been nearly impossible. The
first file sharing network,
Napster, was launched in 1999.

File sharing did result in some copyright infringement. The record industry opined that this sharing of music negatively impacted sales and called it
"music piracy". They reacted with legal action against Napster, later shut down, and also against individual users who
were sharing mp3 files illegally.

Nevertheless, the mp3 revolution was underway and continues to
be a everyday, life-enhancing, part of our lives.
Since the startup of this web site in early 1995, it ha been my goal to introduce the rockin' world of Mp3 music to the ever growing number of digital music enthsiasts.

Mp3 music has become very popular due to its portability in players such as the Apple iPod, Creative Zen and many others.
Robert Palmer - "Addicted to Love"